Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Which Eyeliner?

Hello there! I get asked a lot about the differences between types of eyeliners, so I thought I would share with you which eyeliners I use and what I find they are best to use for :)

Liquid Eyeliner

I absolutely love liquid eyeliner. I swear by it, although can be very tricky to use, particularly if you are new to makeup. However, it is much easier to achieve a nice, clean line with liquid, especially if you are doing a winged or cat eye. It has a nice, sharp look when applied that is perfect for both everyday wear or a night time event or party. Compared to other forms of eyeliner, it is definitely a lot easier to work with for those intricate flicky lines. 

Gel Eyeliner

I love gel eyeliner. For those of you who aren't familiar with gel eyeliners, they generally come as a little pot of gel and you use an eyeliner brush to apply it. Most gel eyeliners come with their own brush, but I find it easier to apply it with an angled or patented liner brush. It's a bit tricky to master a cat flick with this eyeliner (for me anyway), but it is perfect for a bold everyday look if you're just looking to line your eye and give it a bit more definition. It is also great for a night out, as you can easily apply a thicker, bolder line. I like to apply  gel eyeliner just in the outer corner of my top lid to open my eye a bit more for an understated, everyday look. 

Eyeliner Pencil

This is a staple. However, I find eyeliner pencils a bit temperamental. It takes a bit of hunting to find one that you really like. I have found that some pencils can actually be quite sharp, but I know there are brands that have amazing eyeliner pencils. I have heard only good things about Urban Decay's Glide On eyeliner pencils, but I have yet to purchase some for myself. If you are doing your waterline or you just want a light, subtle everyday look, eyeliner pencil is for you. 

Crayon Eyeliners

The first eyeliner I ever used was a crayon. Basically, you roll it up (just like a crayon) and then apply. I would recommend that if you're new to makeup, or you just want a really simple, easy to apply eyeliner, invest in a crayon eyeliner. You don't have to sharpen them, you just roll them up, and they go on really smoothly and easily. Simple!

xo Laurenna Jade

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