Thursday, 11 September 2014

Obsessed with O.P.I

Hello everyone! Okay, I just have to take a moment to express my love for O.P.I nail laquer. This stuff is amazing. There are so many different colours for all year round and the quality is incredible. 
The colour I always revert back to is Privacy Please. (Ah, nail polish colour will never fail to amuse me). It's a really pretty, pastel pink colour that is very faint and very girlie. For me, it's the perfect colour for school, particularly a school where nail polish isn't allowed to be worn. 
This colour is also great if you're a nail biter (like me). It's so faint and nearly undetectable, so it's perfect for those in between phases when you've reverted to going back to biting your nails again. I'm not going to lie, I discovered this colour looking for something that was going to make me stop biting my nails...and it actually really helps. I tend to pick the nail polish off instead of biting my nails, so it gives my nails a bit of a respite before I get stressed or nervous and start nibbling away at them again. 
The bottle lasts an incredibly long time. You may think that if I apply it and pick it off straightaway that I must go through bottles and bottles of the stuff. Nope! I haven't even been through one bottle yet. It lasts forever

xo Laurenna Jade

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